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Remediation support sessions with Learning Skills Services and Learning Commons partners

Learning Skills Services led a panel of Learning Commons partners in delivering two support presentations. The content focused on strategy-specific, and general, remediation information for supporting students' completion of courses affected by the recent labour disruption.

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There was a high degree of engagement around a variety of questions and strategies. Personalized responses and warm referrals were provided when students had more specific questions.
Procrastination Awareness Week (PAW) connects students, staff and faculty from across Canada

Participants from 34 post-secondary institutions across Canada came together for PAW in March. Students benefitted from workshops, including an LSS critical thinking session, study halls, a resource library and opportunities to network with peers from across the country.

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sessions were offered throughout the week for the 500 registrants from post-secondary institutions in Canada.
Graduate student certificate focuses on personal wellness and learning skills

Throughout this 5-week program, graduate students were able to enhance their motivation, reduce stress and connect with peers. As they reflected on personal experiences and applied evidence-based skills, they were able to refine their approach to learning and take action to improve well-being.

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interactions with graduate students took place during the fall and winter term sessions.
LSS and CISS collaborate to launch an in-person workshop series for Indigenous students

This winter, workshops will be held in a safe community space, and led by a LSS Indigenous peer. The peer's Learning Skills knowledge, and awareness of the needs of Indigenous students, creates a culturally relevant academic support that aims to bolster the success of Indigenous students.

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workshops are scheduled for the winter term.
Learning Skills support for academic reading and note-taking

Learning Skills Services introduced two new workshops, titled Effective Reading Strategies and Note-Taking Essentials. These events will provide students with a closer look at each topic, and an opportunity to practice and apply the presented strategies to their work. 

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students benefited from these new workshops in the fall term.
Learning Skills Services brings evidence-based learning strategies to thousands of first-year Faculty of Health students

LSS delivered workshops for Faculty of Health students during orientation and large first-year kinesiology courses. Students learned about skills in time management, note-taking, study strategies, critical reading and thinking to work toward success in their first semester.

interactions were held with first-year students in the Faculty of Health. Many of the students stated their intentions to try out the new strategies to help them study better.
Learning Skills peers get ready for the new academic year

Learning Skills peers completed a week-long interactive training program in August which helped them build knowledge, skills and confidence ahead of beginning their roles. Topics included the science of learning, delivering presentations, peer coaching, creating inclusive spaces and much more. 

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At the end of Learning Skills training week, peers reported feeling happy, excited and motivated to begin their new roles.
Helping incoming students prepare for the fall

In collaboration with Student Community & Leadership Development, Learning Skills Services demystified lecture environments and introduced note-taking strategies that students practiced during a mock lecture. With their peers, students discussed how they plan to approach university learning. 

students attended York 201 in both virtual and in-person formats. Over 80% of students reported being very likely to use a note-taking strategy they learned in York 201 in their future classes.
Building learning skills with our incoming students

Learning Skills Services offered three workshops this summer through YU Prep to help York's newest learners prepare for the fall term. In the Secrets of Academic Success: What You Won't Learn in Lecture session, incoming students explored the expectations of learners in university.

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Following the session, students reported feeling more connected and comfortable with York.
Delivering presentation skills training to student leaders

Learning Skills Services offered presentation skills training to student leaders of the York Orientation Directors Association. They learned strategies for achieving cohesion during group presentations, tailoring presentations to the audience, projecting confidence and overcoming nerves. 

16 York Orientation Directors Association Orientation Chairs participated in the training. Many reported feeling better able to handle their work and recommended this training to other students.
Early efforts toward creating a learning skills eClass

Learning Skills Services (LSS) sponsored a community-based project with the EDST 4999 course, providing students an opportunity to gain practical experience in the education sector. Students created an interactive, asynchronous "playground" eClass that will be used later to develop an LSS eClass.

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Learning Skills Services supports with procrastination

Learning Skills Services introduced a new workshop this year that quickly became one of the top five in-demand topics. In the new Motivation & Procrastination workshop, students learn about why we procrastinate, what drives our motivation and strategies to overcome barriers to getting down to work. 

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of students agreed or strongly agreed that they learned practical skills and strategies in the the new Motivation & Procrastination workshop that will help them to achieve their academic goals.
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