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Students learn how to work and study abroad at the Go Global Fair

The Global Learning team at York International hosted its annual Go Global Fair on Oct. 5, where students found out how to optimize their post-secondary experience through global learning programs offered by York. 

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There are over 300 global partners in more than 65 countries for students to explore.
York International hosts second SDGs in Action Student Challenge Knowledge Fair

The Go Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Action Student Challenge empowers York students, along with their peers around the world, to take action toward the achievement of SDGs with a global lens. 

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participants, consisting of 78 students and 23 mentors from 11 countries, submitted 11 projects. Themes ranged from food insecurity, clean water, harm reduction and more.
Global Learning hosts Pre-Departure Seminar for the first time in three years

York International's Global Learning team hosted over 120 students who plan on studying abroad in the upcoming summer, fall and winter terms. Participants will be heading to 26 countries around the world and attending 50+ partner universities. 

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Participants received safety abroad training, information about ways to stay engaged and participated in an intercultural and sustainability reflection.
Inviting students to create a local and global impact

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Action Student Challenge empowers students around the world to act on the achievement of action projects. In workshops and discussions, students will develop global competencies, leadership and project management skills to take action on SDGs. 

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in funding to support student experiences (*up to) related to SDGs
Connecting globally to discuss internationalization in higher education

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the Sustainable on the Go (SOTG) virtual conference will bring together students, scholars, policymakers, sustainability experts and UN organizations to discuss international mobility and the challenges and opportunities of navigating in higher education.

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Annual edition of the Sustainable on the Go conference, co-organized by York International. Register to attend the conference, scheduled to be hosted this November.
Globally Networked Learning (GNL) faculty information sessions

GNL enables collaboration with students and Faculties around the world, integrating vast perspectives in the classroom. With education technologies, they work on a variety of discussions. Information and workshop sessions will take place on select dates in 2022 and 2023 for faculty.

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Upcoming GNL workshops will take place on Oct. 17, 2022 and Feb. 13, 2023 in one hour, thirty minute sessions for external institutions and partner faculty members.
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