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YUAdvise 2024: Partnering for student success

In February, advisors from across the University came together for the 9th annual YUAdvise Conference. Colleagues had the opportunity to learn, innovate and continue building the knowledge and skills required to achieve the community’s vision of becoming leaders in the space.

colleagues participated, and most reported feeling more connected to the advising community as a result of attending the conference.
Student advising community hosts Winter Pop-up Fair

In February, the advising community came together for a winter edition of the Pop-up Fair. Students had the opportunity to connect with advisors from across the institution to ask questions, learn about services and explore graduate studies and law school.

students attended the Pop-up Fair.
Launch of the new OUR Intranet

The new OUR Intranet is available to partners across York, and is a central location for a variety of information. Visit the site for key contacts, awards management, employment administration, grades, academic scheduling, room bookings, exams, transfer credits, technology governance and more.

Explore the new OUR Intranet
views since the launch of the new OUR Intranet on Monday, February 12.
Advising community launches new Student Advising at York landing page

The new site aims to bring clarity to all the different types of advising offered at York. Explore the new website to learn more and support students with effective referrals. 

Explore the new page

In November, OUR staff had the opportunity to learn about embedding DEDI into their work. Colleagues from Community, Supports and Services shared equity-informed student services, and staff discussed key initiatives through themes from York's DEDI strategy.  

staff members participated in the recent Learning Day.
York’s new advising framework

A new advising framework was launched to bring colleagues across York together, and take a holistic and coordinated approach to student advising. The vision of this new framework is to support and empower students to realize their potential throughout their journey.

Explore the framework details
colleagues contributed to the creation of the advising framework.
Student Advising community hosts pop-up fair

In October, the advising community held a pop-up fair allowing students to connect with various advisors for guidance. Students had access to academic, records & financial aid, immigration, career and student-athlete advisors to ask questions and learn about their services.

students connected with advisors at the event.
Launching an Advising intranet

The Office of the University Registrar’s Strategy, Planning & Projects Team recently launched an intranet for advising colleagues across the institution, an online website focused on sharing resources, upcoming development opportunities and key information to facilitate referrals between teams.

Divisional staff learn effective business writing

Staff are engaging in a five-part learning series on effective business writing. The sessions, presented by the Strategy, Planning & Projects Team with the Office of the University Registrar, focus on understanding and practicing simple and straightforward writing and writing with empathy.

staff are actively participating in the Effective Business Writing learning series.
YUAdvise 2023: Rebuilding Connections – Establishing a Community of Care in an Evolving World

On Thursday, February 23, & Friday, February 24, advising colleagues from across the institution came together for the 8th annual YUAdvise Conference. Over 1.5 days, participants learned, shared & engaged in brainstorming focused on rebuilding connections & co-authoring the future of York advising.

Learn More About the YUAdvise Conference
colleagues participated with many feeling more connected to the advising community as a result of attending the conference.
Professional Learning Calendar & Learning Resource launch

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) Professional Learning Calendar highlights learning activities that have been designed and curated for OUR staff based on six key learning areas. 

Learning areas were identified based on feedback from staff's October 2022 IDPs.
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