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Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025Monthly Updates

Curious about initiatives, projects, and updates across the Division of Students? Below is a month-by-month compilation of stories, reports, and achievements to celebrate progress, learnings, and success.


May 2024What's New?

Invest in Our People

Summer Peer Leader Training Welcomes Matthew R. Morris as Keynote Speaker

At Peer Leader Training the team welcomed Matthew R. Morris, author of Black Boys Like Me: Confrontations with Race, Identity, and Belonging as the keynote speaker, where he engaged in dialogue tying into the training surrounding identity, social location, and equitable leadership.

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of participants would recommend this training to other members of the York University community, and 83% of attendees felt as though they learned something new.
Division of Students' staff check-ins

The Vice Provost Students provided a weekly opportunity for staff to come together to provide updates, take questions and receive feedback about supporting students during the labour disruption. These sessions provided colleagues time to connect and to tap into each others’ experiences and ideas.

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staff check-ins were provided to help colleagues support one another as we continue to support students.
De-escalation staff training session

The Vice Provost Students offered a de-escalation staff training with Student Support & Advising, and the community of academic advisors. The training supported preparedness for potential student escalations that may require intervention or effective referrals. 

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staff from across the University participated in this session.

Reinforce Our Foundation

York’s Appreciative Approaches are highlighted in a Keynote address to Waterloo Advising Colleagues

Spotlighting York’s journey, Cristina Bregar and Lara Ubaldi illustrated how the relationships we build with each other and with students can unleash the power to elevate advising practice across an institution.

attendees joined York’s appreciative approaches keynote.

Impact the Student Journey

Remediation support sessions with Learning Skills Services and Learning Commons partners

Learning Skills Services led a panel of Learning Commons partners in delivering two support presentations. The content focused on strategy-specific, and general, remediation information for supporting students' completion of courses affected by the recent labour disruption.

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There was a high degree of engagement around a variety of questions and strategies. Personalized responses and warm referrals were provided when students had more specific questions.
End of year talent showcase

Student Accessibility Services peer mentors hosted a hybrid talent show to celebrate the term. Eight students showcased their talents which included singing, piano and works of art.

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students participated in supporting the talents of their peers in the Student Accessibility Services community.
Becoming YU & Work/Study end of year event

In March, the Career Centre hosted the Becoming YU & Work/Study End of Year Celebration. Work/Study students and their coaches attended to acknowledge the hard work, accomplishments and involvement this year and congratulate award winners.

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students took part in the Becoming YU program this fall/winter term. In the student's final check-ins, most stated that they were able to achieve their goals.
April student community drop-in sessions

A series of virtual and in-person drop-in sessions helped more than 300 students navigate questions related to the remediation period. Staff volunteers from across York guided students in finding the answers they needed to make informed decisions. 

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student community drop-in sessions were held on Keele and Glendon Campus.