Annual Report 2020-2022

Division of Students Report

2020 to 2022

The Division of Student’s Strategic Plan (2020-2025) was released in June 2021. Aligned with the University Academic Plan and informed by University Frameworks, the strategic plan guides the work of the Division. Collaborations across the Division led to the creation of an assessment framework to provide opportunities for evaluation and continuous improvement.

The strategic plan articulates:

A set of Core Values and Foundational Lenses, which informed the development of
4divisional commitments
11priority areas, aligned to the commitments

Strategic plan milestones

July 2021
Launched the Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Website.
August 2021
Learned about and contributed to the Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025.
October 2021
Over the Fall 21 term, ~10 colleagues consolidated the information into heat maps / key findings.
November 2021
The Office of the University Registrar launched an aligned strategic plan that will enable student success by providing exceptional, student-centred services.
February 2022
Reviewed and validated the outcomes of the student journey map and brainstormed the path forward.

Invest in Our PeopleLearning

Shaping the 5-Year Strategic Plan

Since the first Learning Day in October 2021, more than 500 staff attended learning opportunities centered around the strategic plan. Using the plan as a framework, staff developed student journey maps and proposed key finding for consideration and future learning.

Shows the typical steps a new student takes, starting from considering York, applying to York, getting an offer, accepting the offer, enroling into classes, going through orientation, entering classes, getting assignments , midterms and finals. A common question for applying and getting an offer is 'when will I be getting a decision'? A common question for enroling is 'why can't I enrol in this class?'. A common question for assignments and midterms is 'what if I don't understand the course?'.

Empowering staff through learning and development opportunities

200+students, staff and faculty participants gathered for a 10-part eLearning series, This Place: 150 Years Retold, that guided participants through the stories that reflect a rich history of Indigenous resistance and resilience.
600+students, staff and faculty participated in Race & Privilege: An Honest, Overdue Conversation with Ourselves, a series of 13 learning sessions to help facilitate difficult conversations around race and privilege with one another. Sessions were offered in collaboration with the Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion.

Impact the Student JourneyAccess


Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey.

The Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey supports Canadian post-secondary institutions to improve campus health and well-being. All undergraduate and graduate students were invited to share their experiences during winter 2022. The results will be used to inform the development of the University’s Well-being Strategy.

Improving support to health and well-being

Starting in 2021, every student that called to book an appointment with Student Counselling, Health & Well-being was provided the option to meet with a counsellor of a particular identity.

10%of clients expressed a preference for meeting with a counsellor of a particular identity, between April to October 2021.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion are vital to creating and maintaining safe, respectful and welcoming learning spaces. This remains foundational to the Division of Students' strategic plan. All ongoing and upcoming initiatives consider this lens in the Division's development and implementation of projects. Education, dialogues and sharing of experiences are critical in helping the York community thrive personally and professionally.

Identifying barriers in service

Identifying barriers in service

The Student Equity & Diversity Census pilot was implemented in fall 2021 to assist the University in addressing and eliminating barriers to access, persistence during their studies and completion of their degree. The pilot received a 20 per cent student response rate, which helped inform the second iteration that will be integrated into the student enrolment process for fall 2022.

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Supporting Black students

Supporting Black students

The recently developed Black Excellence program (BE YU) provides Black students with the supports they need to transition to university and maximize their student experience as they work towards graduation. BE YU is designed to champion the academic, professional and personal success of York’s Black student community.

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Improving access to education

Improving access to education

Through the recent launch of the scholarship strategy, more prospective students from around the world are now able to access education at York. The strategy expands academic and non-academic merit criteria, as well as provides support for international diversification, equity-deserving groups and individuals pursuing studies that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Supporting  student athletes

Supporting student athletes

More than 300 student athletes and athletics alumni, 28 coaching staff, and 39 administrative staff participated in an equity climate review. Released in fall 2021, the report on the varsity student athlete program resulted in 22 recommendations and an action plan outlining additional training for all student athletes, coaches and staff, and the hiring of a Senior Advisor, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

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Offering diverse counselling supports

Offering diverse counselling supports

Student Counselling, Health & Well-being offers process groups for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, racialized students and trans and non-binary students to reflect on their identities, experiences and challenges and to build community.

“The process group has allowed me to take back my power as a racialized student by owning my experiences as valid rather than internalizing them as a lack of effort or worthless. I am also grateful for all the students and facilitators who have shown vulnerability by sharing their experiences and allowing me to learn from how they handled their challenges."– student from a counselling support group
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Harnessing the power of AI

Harnessing the power of AI

SAVY continues to develop additional content, in particular resources tailored towards specific student populations such as Black, Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA+ students.

SAVY remains available to respond to student inquiries 24/7 and the majority of questions it responds to are after regular working hours.
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Pandemic Supports

During the pandemic, the Division of Students quickly pivoted all services to offer virtual options, including online chat. Students have welcomed this change:

62%of students say access to online services are just as good as in-person services*
55%of students agreed that the quality of services they received were good*
*Data shared during student surveys in November 2021

Reinforce Our Foundation

Create Our Future

Paving the way for the Markham Campus

Staff from across the University came together as a support network to help guide the development of Markham's students services. The inaugural recruitment officer started in 2022 and will begin to promote, recruit and support prospective students that will join the Markham Campus when it opens.

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Transforming the student experience

The Student System Renewal Program has made tremendous progress since its inception. A financial aid, awards and scholarships system is set to launch to the community in summer 2023 and a preferred partner for the student constituent relationship management system has been selected to provide seamless support across the student lifecycle.

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The Division of Students is continuously providing support to students, staff and our partners.

To learn more, review the Monthly News and Updates webpages to read a compilation of stories, reports and achievements at the Division.