SAVY: York's Student Virtual Assistant

Meet SAVY, York University’s new Student Virtual Assistant, ready to help students get connected to resources for academic success, health & wellness, student life, campus services and career development!

About SAVY

Through a collaboration between York’s Division of Students, University Information Technology and our Faculties, guided and informed by our students, York U has partnered with IBM Canada, using the IBM Watson platform, to roll out a virtual assistant technology. This new tool is embedded in eClass (formerly Moodle for Keele students) and on the Current Students website and uses artificial intelligence to communicate with students through a chat interface. The virtual assistant will provide students with help specific to their program, including:

  • Where to Find Key Resources
  • Academic Advising Referrals
  • Registrarial & Financial Services
  • Campus Life & Events
  • Career Advising Information
  • Mental Health & Wellness Resources
  • Campus Services
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About SAVY

Learn more about the Student Virtual Assistant project on the About page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask SAVY anything related to programs and courses, student life, campus services and career development. It can’t provide all the answers…yet. That’s why we need your help. During the BETA stage, SAVY will be able to provide information based on the content it currently has. As our students interact with it, and faculty and staff subject matter experts provide additional content, we’ll help train SAVY to provide better, more targeted answers.

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More Questions?

Find your answers on the FAQ page.

Student Virtual Assistant Naming Contest

The student virtual assistant naming contest ran from February 12 to May 29, 2020 and it now has an exciting new name – SAVY! The winning submission was chosen by a York student, and was announced in September 2020!