Meet SAVY: York University's Student Virtual Assistant

SAVY is built to help students get connected to resources for academic success, health and wellness, student life, campus services and career development.

About SAVY

In a collaboration between York’s Division of Students, University Information Technology and Faculties – York partnered with IBM Canada, using the IBM Watson platform, to roll out virtual assistant technology. SAVY uses artificial intelligence to communicate with undergraduate students through a chat interface. Current undergraduate students can access SAVY on various pages across York’s websites, including eClass, and get help with specific questions:

  • where to find key resources;
  • academic advising referrals;
  • registrarial and financial services;
  • campus life and events;
  • career advising information;
  • mental health and wellness resources; and
  • campus services.

Students can chat with SAVY on smart devices and computers at any time, year-round. SAVY serves as your first point of contact and is designed to provide relevant and personalized answers to questions, and help you make informed decisions over the course of your academic journey at York.

Awards & Recognition

SAVY has been recognized with the following awards:

SAVY is the 2021 Gartner Eye on Innovation Award winner.

2021 Gartner Eye on Innovation Award
This award recognizes the innovative use of technology-enabled capabilities in student experience.
Watch the SAVY submission video.

SAVY is the 2021 CUCCIO Innovation Award winner.

2021 CUCCIO Innovation Award
This is awarded to information technology projects or initiatives that have significantly advanced teaching, learning, research or administration within an institution or in the community.

Learn more about accessing and interacting with SAVY on the FAQ page.