Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Division of Students Strategic Plan 2020-2025Preparing for a
Better Future

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The Division of Students advances York University’s mission by providing services and programs and facilities that foster academic success, student development and an engaged community. Our vision is being partners in student success. We support and inspire students to contribute as global leaders. This website serves as an overview of the strategy and a home for monthly progress updates.

Strategy Overview

Working in tandem, Divisional Commitments, Foundational Lenses, and our Core Values ensure that we create a solid foundation that can withstand change and keep us anchored in what is meaningful to our work.

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Divisional Commitments

Divisional commitments frame our goals and initiatives and state our priorities. Learn more about the 11 priorities embedded across these commitments by reading more below.

Invest in Our People

People are our most important resource. Success relies on staff who are knowledgeable and confident in what they do and whom they serve. Development, support and concern for staff will be central as we meet the challenges of a changing landscape and continue to look for ways to improve programs and services.

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Reinforce Our Foundation

Ensuring that the Division continues to reinforce values and develop culture is important to our ability to deliver on the plan and provide service to our students. The lenses which inform decisions, and influence programs and services are necessary to ensure that we consider all students in the work we do, and all staff in how we design learning and growth.

Relationships across and outside our Division are critical to establish seamless, efficient, and accessible services for students. Much of what we deliver and who we assist has impact beyond the Division. Intentional and collaborative relationships shape a better experience for all.

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Impact the Student Journey

Students expect and rely on timely service, meaningful interactions, opportunities for growth outside of the classroom, and tangible support. No matter where a student is in their journey our objective is to ensure that they feel a sense of belonging and have the confidence to engage in challenging studies, conversations and opportunities that will help them forge a path toward their goals, aspirations and needs.

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Create Our Future

Our Future begins now. With the addition of the new York University Markham Campus, it is imperative that we refine our holistic student service delivery. The pandemic has taught us that we also must provide services in all ways that reach our students – for example, not only in person but also online/remote.

There is a need to shift towards systems which integrate the ever-expanding use of data in ways that can create more efficient transactions and use of information. We must also re-examine the ways students interact and engage with learning and services to focus on the most impactful ways to help them succeed.

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Foundational Lenses

Foundational Lenses guide our thought processes, development and assessment across all Divisional commitments.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

An equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment means embedding principles of EDI in everything that we do. All actions and interactions are informed by the lived experience of individuals who face systemic barriers in accessing postsecondary education.


We must be intentional about removing barriers to gaining access and being successful within postsecondary education. Access is achieved when qualified individuals regardless of backgrounds or socio-economic status have clear pathways to enter postsecondary, and when navigating processes and services are easy. All community members strive to ensure that processes, services, and programs are easy to access.


Well-Being is a necessary pre-condition of working and learning. The current UAP identifies the need to create a sense of belonging, have a common purpose, and share responsibility in supporting each other to ensure that all members of our community feel welcome. These elements promote an environment where students and staff thrive and flourish.


Learning is reaching outside of comfort zones, discovering what is required to grow and committing to making those changes for improvement. A learning mindset at work and during interactions with students will help to discover the most effective, efficient and caring ways to be partners in success every time we connect with a student.

Core Values

While values may evolve as we grow, our core values underpin all Divisional Commitments and provide guidance for navigating difficult decisions and situations.