Division of Students Departments & Units

Office of Vice-Provost Students (OVPS)

The Office of the Vice-Provost Students is the team responsible for carrying out the mandate of the Vice-Provost Students and for providing support services to departments in the Division of Students. In collaboration with colleagues, the OVPS develops and implements Division-wide initiatives and standards, always making student engagement and student success a top priority.

Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS)

The Centre of Aboriginal Student Services (CASS) offers academic and personal counselling, advocacy and referrals to on- and off-campus resources, liaison with First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations, information about funding and financial assistance opportunities, as well as education and awareness about topics related to Aboriginal peoples and communities.

Admissions & Recruitment

Admissions & Recruitment manages the full spectrum of the admissions process for all York university learners. From the processing and accessing of applications to auditing and launching admissions system technology — the goal is to make the student application experience clearer, easier and more streamlined.

Admission Client Services

Admissions Client Services (ACS) representatives are subject matter experts in admissions matters. Applicants and newly admitted students can speak with admissions experts in ACS for assistance with the application and acceptance processes and for specific information about program requirements, transfer credits and scholarships and awards. Visit the Future Student website for information first.

Athletics & Recreation

Athletics & Recreation is the hub of physical & social activities at York University! Students will find a diverse selection of programs and activities that help to create new friendships and life-long memories, while keeping students physically and mentally engaged outside of class. Students will have access to varsity athletics, intramural sports, exercise classes, casual drop-in sports and sports clubs (some fees may apply). Athletics & Recreation also offers more than 400 work study and casual positions; a great way for students to gain valuable work experience. Visit yorkulions.ca for more information.

Career Centre

Start your career before you graduate. York’s Career Centre is here to help you forge a career path in your field. We will connect you with established professionals and potential employers, aid you in your job search and help you identify opportunities and experiences that align with your career goals and set you apart from the competition. Our workshops, one-on-one appointments, career fairs, panel discussions, webinars and networking events will give you the tools to clarify your career goals and find opportunities that are right for you – whether that’s a summer job, part-time employment, a volunteer experience, further studies, or your full-time job after graduation.

Communications & Marketing Team

The Team works with units within the Division of Students to provide strategic communications direction and expertise. By ensuring consistent, coordinated communication to current and future students through multiple platforms (digital, web, email, video, social media, print), the Team facilitates and supports student success. As subject matter experts in student-centric communication, we also engage with units across the University to ensure the communication needs of all students are addressed in institutional activities and initiatives. 

Student Counselling & Development (SCD)

The primary aim of Student Counselling and Development (SCD) is to help students realize, develop, and fulfill their personal potential in order to maximally benefit from their university experience and manage the challenges of university life. Achieving this aim requires that SCD provides a professional and supportive environment in which all York students have equitable access to a range of services that assist with facilitating their academic success.

Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR)

OSCR supports and advocates for students impacted by critical incidents, facing personal crises or dealing with multiple complex issues. Our office administers the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities (CSRR) and educates the community about the behavioural expectations outlined in that code. You may wish to reach out to the OSCR for referrals and support for incidents, such as critical illness or injury of a student, student death, attempted suicide or sexual assault. OSCR also works with students to resolve complaints regarding inappropriate student behaviour.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is here to support students with numerous aspects of their academic journey. The Registrars office helps with enrolling in courses, exams and tests, grades and transcripts, graduates, financial aid, scholarships, OSAP and more!

Registrarial Services

Current students who need to speak directly with a student services representative to resolve an issue relating to their academic or financial record can contact Registrarial Services (RS) in-person or by telephone. Online services can be found at My Online Services. RS representatives are subject-matter experts who can assist with complex situations, offer options and direction, and advocate on behalf o the student. Student and staff collaboration fosters success at York and beyond.

Residence Life

Living in residence provides an incredible opportunity to connect with others, develop friendships, learn and get the most out of one’s university experience. Residence living can foster academic success, engagement and personal development. Our Residence Life staff provide student support, as well as organizing social and educational activities that contribute to a memorable and rewarding university experience. We hope that residence will be the perfect place to start and end each day as you pursue your academic endeavors and that you’ll agree that residence is more than just a room!

Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD)

The Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD) is in place to assist students with their transition into university life and to ensure their continued growth and engagement throughout their time at the university. SCLD provides the tools and guidance to do this through our extensive offering of programs and workshops. From transition programming, nutrition, sexual health and healthy living to leadership skills, community building, involvement and residence life, SCLD is committed to fostering an environment in which students are empowered to be successful.

Student Financial Services (SFS)

Student Financial Services is responsible for the administration of all financial aid programs, including the processing of applications, the disbursement of funds and the processing of appeals for York University students. Reach out to SFS for support and assistance related to OSAP, private loans, government grants, bursaries and financial aid applications.

Atkinson Centre for Mature & Part-time Students (ACMAPS)

Atkinson Centre for Mature & Part-time Students (ACMAPS) is a resource for mature and part-time students from recruitment through to graduation. Centre staff are available to assist students in their transition to university studies and to help them navigate their York experience. The Centre itself provides a place where mature and part-time students, undergraduate and graduate, can meet to share their interests and experiences.

Learning Skills

Learning Skills Services (LSS) are about "learning how to learn" and improving student effectiveness and efficiency at studying and completing tests/assignments. Looking for ways to better achieve your academic goals? Wondering how to keep up with course readings and assignments? Hoping to find strategies to manage your time more effectively, stay on top of your studies, prevent problems later on in the term, and get the most out of your university experience? Learning Skills Services can help!

York International

York International is here to assist all international students, as well as domestic and international students who wish to study or work abroad. York International supports new student transition, global opportunities, international advising and several events throughout the year.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services provides academic accommodation and support to students with disabilities in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on accessible education for students with disabilities and York University Senate Policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities.