Clarification of provisional grades for students who have just graduated

June 26, 2018

Dear Students,

We are writing to students who recently graduated with Provisional Grades as part of their record.

Provisional grades are subject to review and verification and are not final grades. Assessed Grades or Pass/Fail Grades are possible options available to you to replace your provisional grade(s) with a final grade. Other available options are outlined in the Senate Executive Completion of Courses & Finalization of Grades information.

If you have not already applied for one of the available options to finalize your grade(s), we encourage you to do so immediately. You may also wish to contact your course director, identify that you have a provisional grade, and discuss course completion options available to you. If you have already applied for an Assessed Grade, and meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive confirmation that the grade has been received.

Course completion options are informed by:

  • Senate policy;
  • Senate Executive provisions for Completion of Courses & Finalization of Grades;
  • The principles of fairness to students, academic integrity and timely information;
  • Assurance to our students that instructors will provide flexible options for students to complete their courses.

An Assessed Grade or Pass/Fail Grade are possible options to finalize your provisional grade(s), for those students who are eligible for these options[DC5] . Provisional Grades, which are subject to review and verification, are replaced by a final grade when either your assignments are completed or you exercise one of the course completion options applicable to your circumstance.

Assessed Grade option:
If you are eligible and are considering this option and have not completed the online request, you should do so immediately. Assessed Grades are final grades and, therefore, replace the Provisional Grades.

Eligibility for this option:

  • you must have 70 per cent of course work completed;
    Students can choose this option on their own and do not need approval from course director as long as they have completed 70 per cent of the course.


  • reweighting of assignments if 60 per cent of course work has been completed
    Students may request Course directors make minor adjustments to the value of graded components so that the 60 per cent can be raised to meet the 70 per cent threshold.


  • students have exceptional circumstances (such as graduating students) and request assessed grades on the basis of work that falls below the 70 per cent threshold.

Important: your Faculty must allow this option for your program.

Outline your circumstances on the form and contact your faculty member about your exceptional circumstance. Such requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis by your course director in the first instance.

Pass/Fail grading:
Pass/Fail grade options for Y2017Fall/Winter 2017-2018 full-year and Winter 2018 term courses, are applicable as follows:

  1. Students are permitted to add 6 six credits above the normal maximum for both 90 (normally 6 six credits) and 120 credit (normally 12 credits).
  2. Graduating students may elect a Pass/Fail grade for General Education courses, including Core Science requirements that are part of the BSc General Education requirements.
  3. Graduating students may, in exceptional circumstances, request a Pass/Fail grade in major or minor courses, and outside-the-major required courses, at the discretion of Associate Deans.

The deadline to select this option for suspended courses is the last day of classes on the revised schedule (August 20, 2018 for most courses). The Registrar’s website has dDetails and the necessary form are available on the Manage My Academic Record website.

If these options are not applicable to your circumstance, you should review the Completion of Courses & Finalization of Grades information and contact your course director to discuss how best to replace your provisional grade with a final grade.

If you cannot reach your course director or cannot resolve the issue with your course director, you should contact your Academic Advising office.


Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students