Additional details about CUPE 3903 Unit 2 return to work and remediation

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JUNE 18, 2018

Dear Student,

We are following up on our initial communication of Friday, June 15, 2018 to share plans about remediation for FW17/18 and W18 courses.

Three principles guide our remediation plans: fairness to students, academic integrity and timely information. These principles can be found in Senate Policy.

This week, students will be contacted by their instructors who have returned to work. Individual instructors are in the best position to determine the appropriate remediation for their courses and will do so working with their departments/Faculty and their students, and in alignment with remedial actions approved by Executive Committee of Senate. Instructors will also be submitting outstanding grades including Assessed Grades.

The period between July 23 and August 20 is the official remediation period for completing the balance of in-class teaching. The dates and times for courses scheduled during this period will be communicated to students by their instructors. Some exceptions will apply. The remediation period will be followed by an exam period.

This will give instructors an opportunity to consult with their students, address requests for assessed grades, work with students on course assignments that may be due prior to the in-class remediation period, and respond to more pressing situations that need to be resolved before the in-class remediation period.

Instructors will provide flexible options for students who cannot or choose not to participate in resumed classes and/or in-class course lectures. Options include reasonable alternative access to materials covered (instructors will be asked to make course materials available as early as possible), extension of deadlines, modification of normal academic regulations, adjustments to in-class and examination schedules and other remedies. Note that some exceptions or separate provisions apply, such as for Osgoode students. This has already been communicated to those students. Other exceptions include students enrolled in programs with external accreditation requirements.

The period leading up to July 23 allows students the necessary time to turn their attention to outstanding assignments, review material, meet with instructors during office hours and consider their schedules in advance of class start. 

Resources are available to help you complete your courses and assignments. All Libraries are open, Learning Skills Services and the Learning Commons are providing workshops and support, and your Faculty Academic Advisors are all available to assist you. Check online for additional Academic Resources. We also remind students that Student Counselling & Development, or, afterhours, Good2Talk are available to provide support. See the full list of support services.

If you do not hear from your instructor by the end of the week, please reach out to your Faculty’s dean’s office.

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students