Violation of York University’s Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities

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May 28, 2018

To: Reclaim York U members in the Senate Chamber 

I am writing to follow up on the letter I hand delivered to you on April 26, 2018 asking you to vacate the Senate Chamber.  As you are aware, I made myself available to discuss with you the matter and my letter.  You posted a response on social media stating several demands.  The University does not agree to your demands.   

The activities you have actively participated in are in breach of community standards for student conduct as set out in the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities, specifically, but not limited to Section 4.  The Code can be found at and I have attached copies for you as well. The provisions in this section include breaches of University policy and disruptions of, or interference with University activities, as well as failure to adhere to health and safety standards.    

As you have been advised on several occasions, you have engaged in a range of inappropriate conduct including the following: 

  • creating risks to health and safety including by staying overnight, bringing flammable material such as mattresses and sleeping bags in the space, and blocking egress;
  • twice refusing to let university fire safety officers inspect the Chamber to ensure fire code compliance;
  • defacing walls and furniture in the Chamber; and
  • forcibly entering the Chamber and adjacent office space, refusing to leave, and preventing authorized university personnel from entering.

We are now receiving complaints of foul odours coming from the Chamber that are impacting on other community members who work or attend in the area.   

Your continuous engagement in behaviour contravening the University’s policies and health and safety standards must end.  We consider your continued occupation of the Chamber to be trespassing and we will unfortunately have to pursue action under the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities.  Sanctions that can be imposed under the Code include fines, restitution and suspension from the university.  

 I urge you to take this matter seriously and vacate the Senate Chamber without further delay. 


Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students

For the letter delivered to Reclaim YorkU members in the Senate Chamber on April 26, 2018, visit: