Information for Applicants with Mental Health Disabilities

In addition to submitting your application for admission and all supporting documentation for that application, you need to:

  1. Send us the appropriate documentation supporting your disability. This includes:
    • a personal written statement of approximately 500 words. This statement should describe the nature of your disability, how the disability has affected your grades, the type of support you feel you may need, as well as your academic and career goals;
    • a letter or report from a licensed medical practitioner or psychologist that includes confirmation that there is a disability and outlines any functional limitations associated with that disability.
  2. Make sure we receive it by the deadline:
    • March 1: Ontario high-school applicants
    • April 1: All other applicants
  3. Although documentation is coming from a variety of sources, it is your responsibility to ensure the Special Admissions Office receives all documentation by the specified deadline. Documentation received after the deadline may jeopardize your consideration under the modified admissions process.
  4. Provide all information using our Additional Information Form, accessible through MyFile.


All documentation is considered confidential information and is safeguarded by the Special Admissions Office. Please note that information that you provide to the Office of Admissions will not be reviewed by anyone outside the admissions process unless, and until, you have been admitted to York University and scheduled an appointment with Counselling & Disability Services.

Additional information

Learn more about Mental Health Disability Services.