Summer enrollment at York U

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May 17, 2018

Dear Student,

Summer courses will begin on May 22, 2018. The new Summer 2018 course timetable is now available on the Course Timetable Search website, with a reduced list of offerings. If you haven’t already, you can enrol in available courses through the Registration & Enrolment Module.

Because of the ongoing labour disruption, unfortunately, one or more of your Summer 2018 session course(s) has been cancelled. You have now been de-enrolled from any enrolled courses and your Student Account Online Statement will reflect the reversal of this original tuition charge for those courses .

You may also wish to simply defer your enrolment to the Fall/Winter 2018-19 session instead of taking courses this Summer. If so, please indicate that choice using our online form to let us know.

Please visit the Summer 2018 Session FAQs on York’s Labour Update website for more information about how the labour disruption is impacting the Summer Session.

York University