Confirming course completion options for graduating students

May 11, 2018

Dear Student

I recognize that the uncertainty surrounding the completion of your term and graduation has been stressful for you and your family. We are committed to doing everything we can to allow students to graduate as planned wherever possible.

I appreciate that you may be anxious to receive confirmation of your eligibility. We are in the process of auditing your record to confirm completion or identify any outstanding degree requirements. Be aware that final grades will be added as they become available.

Between now and May 21, your Faculty Dean’s office will review your record to consider any measures that can facilitate completion.

It is important that you exercise any completion options available to you as soon as possible to advance this process. Please review the Course Completion Options. Options include: an Assessed Grade, Attested Assessed Grade submission, as well as expanded options to apply Pass/Fail grading to courses.

Where other course completion options are not feasible or appropriate, you may be provided with a provisional grade based on an average of grades you have received in your program. These grades, much like the Attested Assessed Grade, are subject to review and verification.

You may be contacted by your Dean’s Office for additional information that could confirm your eligibility to graduate.

I also want to let you know that the Convocation Ceremony for your program will take place at the time originally scheduled. Visit the Convocation website for information about schedules, location, ticket information and more.

I want to acknowledge that achieving this milestone in your education may not have proceeded quite as planned. I sincerely apologize for any difficulties you have faced as a result of the labour disruption. I very much hope that you will nevertheless enjoy the celebration with your family and friends, be proud of your accomplishments, and reflect positively on your time at York.


Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students
York University