Clarifying remediation of the Y and W terms, and course offerings for SU and S1

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May 11, 2018

Dear Student,

SU and S1 Summer 2018 Session courses will begin on May 22, 2018. Course offerings for the SU and S1 terms are now posted. The list of offerings are greatly reduced from what was originally planned. We expect that there may be a small number of courses added next week as planning is completed. No S2 courses are planned at this time. If you are already enrolled in summer courses within the list provided, those enrolments have been maintained. You can proceed to add and/or drop based on the course offerings provided. We will begin notifying students enrolled in courses that may no longer be offered beginning next week.

Students may also consider enrolling in courses offered at other Universities on a Letter of Permission for courses equivalent to their degree requirements.

Remediation for 2017-18 Y or W courses: Once the strike is over, we will finalize plans to remediate and complete any courses from the Y and W terms. Students will be provided with a variety of options for completing their outstanding courses. Every effort will be made to accommodate those who are unable to return to the University for additional classes. Your professor will be in touch when the strike is over to provide information about remediation. If you are unable to attend in person, you will not be penalized and will be provided with alternative means of completing the course.

Some students have asked what will happen if their summer course schedule conflicts with remediation activities for Y or W term courses, when the strike ends. We will make every effort to avoid such conflicts. If there is a conflict, students will be accommodated so they are not disadvantaged by the conflict. Again, where a student is unable to attend remediation classes in person, due to a scheduling conflict or for any other reason, they will not be penalized and will be provided with alternative means of accessing the material and completing the course.

Thank you for your patience and please continue to check your email regularly.


Lisa Philipps
Interim Provost & VP-Academic
York University