University to remain open during CUPE 3903 labour disruption

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Mar 3, 2018

Dear Student,


Yesterday, after six months of negotiations, CUPE 3903 – representing graduate assistants, teaching assistants and contract faculty – announced that it rejected the University’s final offer of March 1 and plans to go on strike as of 12:01 am on Monday, March 5.

Nothing is more important to York University than our students and their success.

The University did everything we could to avoid a strike. We remain hopeful that CUPE 3903 will come forward with a counter offer. In addition, our offer to go to interest arbitration, allowing an independent third party to make a binding decision fair to both parties, still stands. Doing so would end the strike.

Our priority now is to minimize the impact of the strike on our students. First, we want to confirm that all courses that can continue in all Faculties and in the School of Continuing Studies will continue. Libraries, cafeterias, residences, student services, administrative offices and other University facilities will also remain open and available to students.
We fully understand that students and parents are very concerned about completing courses and other program requirements.

Starting tomorrow at 3pm, specific and regularly updated information about your classes, labs and tutorials will be available at

We will be providing remediation to enable students to complete their year if classes are cancelled or students cannot, or do not want to, cross a picket line.

For more details, go to This site is updated regularly and is your best source of accurate timely information about the labour situation.

The University is committed to taking all possible steps to enable you to complete your program requirements in a timely fashion and is aware of the needs and concerns of students intending to graduate this spring.


Lisa Philipps
Interim Vice-President Academic & Provost
Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School