Completing course requirements after labour disruption

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Mar 12, 2018

Dear Student,

With the labour disruption in its second week we know you’re concerned about how to complete your academic studies.

Today, in accordance with Senate Policy, options for the completion of courses are in development and will be announced shortly. These options depend on a number of factors and are implemented once the labour disruption is over.

We understand that you may have time constraints for completing your courses or commitments made (plane tickets, employment or internships, etc). This information is considered when developing the options for remediation.

Supportive services
You may also be feeling anxious and looking for support. I encourage you to reach out to one of the many supportive services available. If you’re on campus, there’s your Residence Don and Student Counselling & Development. If you’re off campus, check out Good2Talk and WellTrack. Glendon student? Contact the Accessibility, Well-Being & Counselling Centre.

What are your rights as a student?
Students are asking about their academic rights during the strike. You have the right to not participate in any academic activity during the strike and are entitled to do so with immunity from penalty, reasonable alternative access to material covered in your absence, reasonable extension of deadlines and other remedies that Senate considers necessary. Please be aware that the remedies will not alter the academic standards of missed activity and will not relieve you of the responsibility for mastering materials covered. However, under this policy, students are not guaranteed the same learning experience that they would have received in the absence of a disruption.

If you wish to discuss your rights regarding any particular course or program, contact information for each Faculty is available at

The information contained in this communication is also available at under the Frequently Asked Questions. As remediation options become available, we will update the information at that site.

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students
York University