Information about the completion of courses and finalization of grades

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Mar 19, 2018

Dear Student,

The Executive Committee of Senate released the options for completion of courses and finalization of grades on Monday, March 19. These options cover:

  1. courses that have continued since the disruption of academic activities began on March 5, 2018;
  2. courses that have been suspended.

We know students have legitimate and understandable desires to complete their courses as soon as possible. The options are designed to promote flexibility while adhering to the principles of academic integrity and fairness to students.

These options are described in detail in the Executive Committee’s communication.

It is important that all students read this document carefully. Not all the options outlined are available for all students in all circumstances. For example, some options cannot be exercised by students in Osgoode Hall Law School or Lassonde School of Engineering, while others may not be advisable for a course in a student’s major. For these reasons, students should read the document in its entirety.


Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students
York University