York University Requests a Supervised Vote

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Mar 27, 2018

Dear Student,

Our students want to get back to finish the school year so they can keep their plans – graduation, summer jobs, family responsibilities and travel for those going home or abroad.

Unfortunately, we remain far apart on wages as well as the non-monetary issues that are fundamental to the academic success of our students, researchers and educators. Today, we are requesting a supervised vote to allow all 3,100 members of CUPE 3903 to have a say on whether to accept our offers.

What is a supervised vote?

A supervised vote is a process managed by the Ministry of Labour that provides every member of CUPE 3903 the opportunity to vote using a secret ballot. A supervised vote can only be requested once.

When could this happen?

We made our request for a supervised vote to the Minister of Labour today. It usually takes eight to 10 days from the time the request is received to conduct the vote.

For more information about York University’s request for a supervised vote, visit labour.yorku.ca.