Understanding the Assessed Grades Option

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Mar 29, 2018

Dear Student,

A range of academic accommodations and remediation options have been developed to assist all students in all scenarios to successfully complete their courses.

Assessed Grades

Students may choose an assessed grade if they have completed 70 percent of the coursework from the course syllabus, with the exception of students in programs with accreditation requirements. Course instructors are permitted to make changes to the number, kind, and weight of assignments (including tests and examinations) to help students meet the 70 percent threshold, provided students have completed 60 percent of coursework. Students in exceptional circumstances may request assessed grades on the basis of work that falls below the 70 percent threshold.

An online form will be available on my.yorku.ca to make this choice on Monday, April 2. Students participating in continuing courses must exercise this option by the deadline of Monday, April 9. Other students must exercise this option by the first day of final examinations in the revised schedule after the disruption ends (date to be determined).

More information about assessed grades and exceptional circumstances can be found in the “Students FAQs” section of the Labour Update website.

Other Remediation Options

There are several other academic accommodations and remediation options available to students. To find the best solution for you, please visit the “Students FAQs” section of the Labour Update website.


Office of the University Registrar
York University