Decision by province to appoint expert to review strike issues

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April 14, 2018

Dear Student,

York University welcomes the decision by the provincial government to appoint William Kaplan, a highly regarded labour relations expert with significant experience in the university sector, as the sole member of an Industrial Inquiry Commission to look into the issues of the strike by CUPE 3903.

York is looking forward to working with Mr. Kaplan as soon as possible and hopes that this will lead to an expeditious settlement.

With this decision, York is inviting the Union leadership to ask their members in CUPE 3903 to return to work so that our students can successfully complete their winter terms while the Inquiry process is underway. York makes this invitation on the understanding that CUPE would retain the ability to withdraw its members’ services during the summer term if a settlement is not reached.

Once we receive a response from CUPE 3903, we will communicate with you as soon as we have next steps to share.

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York University