Mediation meetings end and CUPE 3903 rejects arbitration

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April 20, 2018

Dear Student,

After three days of mediation this week led by Bill Kaplan, the sole member of an Industrial Inquiry Commission created by the Province to look into the strike, CUPE 3903 conveyed to the Commissioner that it has decided not to continue discussions any further and is also not prepared to agree to arbitration.

Inquiry to begin Monday
York University will actively participate in the Industrial Inquiry Commission process which the commissioner has indicated will begin on Monday, April 23 at 11:30 a.m.

The time for interest arbitration is now
Both parties have stated that arbitration is a viable way of resolving this impasse, although CUPE 3903 continues to indicate that now is not the time. We disagree and hope that CUPE 3903 reconsiders.

Student contingency plans announced
Our highest priority at this time is to help students resolve their current courses and move forward with their plans for the summer and beyond. To learn about the options the University is providing for students to complete their studies, please go to the Secretariat’s website.

On Thursday, April 19 we informed students of additional steps the University is taking to support students impacted by the strike as well as potential changes to the summer session based on key dates if CUPE 3903 continues to refuse to accept arbitration to end the strike. For more detailed information, please go to Labour website.