Lunch & Learn

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Let's do lunch!

The Division of Students is excited to invite you and your team to participate in a new series of Lunch & Learn sessions. Join Division leaders and your colleagues to learn about key developments in postsecondary education and the University community. All Lunch & Learns are free for York University staff, so please register for the sessions below.

Meet. Eat. Discover.

All Lunch & Learns take place from 12pm to 1pm and 1pm to 2pm on the dates below in Senate Chamber N940 Ross. Registration is required and don't forget to bring your lunch!

Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday, April 10: Communicating Across Cultures
Host: Brendan Schulz, Executive Director, Student Success
Topic: Have you ever had trouble understanding someone or being understood, even when you're speaking the same language? In this session you'll gain some insight into the complexities and challenges of communicating across cultures, whether that be country cultures or other facets of culture and diversity. Real-life examples will be shared along with some experiential elements. Participants will leave the session with greater awareness on the subject and some approaches for effective communications.

Register for the "Communicating Across Cultures" session online.

Tuesday, May 8: Help Us to Build a Consent Culture!
Host: Joanie Cameron-Pritchett, Manager, Sexual Violence Response Office
Topic: An integral part of York University's commitment to its community to study, work and live in a campus environment free from sexual violence, is to make available resources to educate its community, support survivors and respond to sexual violence. Through education and awareness campaigns, the University seeks to raise awareness of issues related to sexual violence, promote healthy and respectful relationships, and foster individual and collective action against violence towards a safe and respectful culture at York University.
Please join us for an informative discussion about how we can all contribute to building a consent culture and learn more about this very important and timely issue that has affected so many of us.

Register for the "Help Us Build a Consent Culture" session online.

Tuesday, June 5: Standing Out in the Inbox
Hosts: Nick Valentino, Manager, Development and Operations & Molly Morris, Manager, Communications and Marketing
Topic:Current students get 12-20 emails per month from Division of Students units. We know that when you send an email it’s because you really need students to take some action or know something important – so how can we best entice them to open your email and click that action link? We are conducting some targeted A/B email testing to see if we can improve our open and click-through rates by changing up what we say and how we say it, and will report on our results in this session..

Register for the "Standing Out in the Inbox" session online.

Past Sessions

Tuesday, March 20: Indigenous Cultural Awareness Part 1 – The significance of the Territorial Land Acknowledgement

Host: Randy Pitawanakwat, Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Services

Topic: You've probably been to campus events or conference sessions at which the host or speaker provides a Territorial Land Acknowledgement. But why do we do it? What's the significance of the elements of the Land Acknowledgement? It's not just something to be said and then set aside. Come to an interactive session led by Randy Pitawanakwat from Centre for Aboriginal Student Services that will uncover the meanings behind the elements of the Land Acknowledgement a nd get you started on a journey of discovery about Indigenous Cultural Awareness.

Register for the "Indigenous Cultural Awareness Part 1" session online.